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    14 Years Of Housefull: Remembering Boman Irani’s Iconic Performance From The Film!

    It’s hard to believe it’s been 14 years since the iconic comedy movie ‘Housefull’! One of the reasons it’s stood the test of time is its memorable dialogues, quirky characters, and hilarious situations that have become staples in the Bollywood comedy genre.

    Among the standout characters, Batuk Patel, portrayed by the talented Boman Irani, remains a constant favourite among fans. His portrayal brought a unique quirk and humour to the franchise, which audiences loved. His character is a wealthy businessman who is overprotective of his daughter and has a comedic yet authoritative presence throughout the movie.

    Reflecting on this special day, Boman Irani shares his heartfelt experience: “Portraying Batuk Patel in this slapstick comedy was an absolute blast, and it’s incredible to see how much the audience still enjoys the character.”

    As we celebrate the iconic character of Batuk Patel, here are a few scenes of Boman Irani from the film that are still fresh in audiences’ minds:

    Batuk Patel gets shocked looking at Aarush and Hetal’s baby!

    The literal ‘Slap-Stick’ comedy scene.

    The introduction of Batuk Patel in the madhouse.

    Too much confusion? Indeed.

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