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    Zoya Zaveri Passion For Yoga Adds Fuels To Yoga Enthusiast Aspiration And Dreams

    Yoga is a phenomenon.It does not only ignites your life enthusiasm but make you young mentally and physically as well.

    Zoya Zaveri who is not only an actress but an yoga enthusiast.Her professional acting assignments includes Movie In The Dark,Gile Shikwe,Amit Gupta & Akansha Tripathi Holiya Mein Ude Re Gulaal,Eye Reality Films Dreamy Singh,music videos such as Yaara and Gile Shikwe.

    Speaking to media on her passion for Yoga Zoya with her mentor Saif that she has been pursuing it for last 7 years and thinks it’s a must for all age group.She also praised Baba Ramdev to bringing revolutionary change in mindset of people regarding yoga but refuse to comment on recent controversy.

    Zoya feels in order to be fit and healthy especially when it comes to glamour industry Yoga is something which can be considered soul in your daily routine and life.

    Truly said Health Is Wealth ,With Health You Can Bring About Any Positive Change In Your Life.

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