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    Ssmayera Khan After Salman ,Shahrukh ,Aamir Would Be The Khan To Rule Hearts And Break Barrier

    Born in an orthodox Muslim family and ruling the glamour industry is no mean feat and Ssmayera Khan has proved that with her sheer talent,hard work and dedication.

    Ssmayera was born in Kolkata but did her education in New Delhi,doing her education Dayal Singh college and MBA from NDMI in New Delhi.

    Ssmayera journey as an actress started when she started visiting NSD in New Delhi and became part of a renowned theatre group.

    Her professional achievements in acting includes Amar Kahani Ravidas Ki in 2018 released in 2020,Amrutha south film directed by Thatha Krishna Murthy,Nanu Rowdy a Kannada film ,webseries namely Bandish Bandits ,The Joker,Zindagi Reset,Desi Rome .She has worked with actors such as Hemant Pandey and Gulshan Pandey.

    It’s not cast or religion you belong to it’s how far you consider work as your religion is important

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