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    ~ Sofia Boutella talks about her collaboration with Zack Snyder and what drove her to be a part of this film ~

    Mumbai, 15th December, 2023: In the vast expanse of Zack Snyder’s creative universe, Sofia Boutella explored the cosmic realms of ‘Rebel Moon’ while diving into the unique experience of working with the visionary director. The project’s irresistible appeal to Sofia was closely tied to the opportunity to collaborate with Snyder, a filmmaker whose passion for storytelling and meticulous attention to detail deeply influenced the actress.

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    Recalling how she got involved, Boutella shares, “Honestly, it was the idea of working with Zack. After I sent in my audition tape, I sat with him for three hours and he described his vision for both films from beginning to end. I was thrilled by how excited and knowledgeable he was about this story he’s been writing for 20 years. There wasn’t a single question he left unanswered. I love working with people who absolutely love what they’re doing, and Zack is definitely one of them.”

    A key aspect of Zack Snyder’s approach, according to Boutella, is his unmatched passion for the craft. The director’s ability to communicate his vision, often going above and beyond, made Boutella’s journey as an actor seamless. She admires Snyder’s collaborative spirit, highlighting how he actively involves actors in his expansive vision. Whether sketching detailed scenes on set or providing intricate narratives for elements against a green screen, Zack Snyder ensures that no detail is left unspoken. For Sofia Boutella, collaborating with Snyder went beyond the typical actor-director dynamic, evolving into a shared adventure of creativity and passion within the cosmic landscape of ‘Rebel Moon.’

    Watch Rebel Moon, a classic Zack Snyder space opera, exclusively on Netflix from 22nd December 2023

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