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    Rakshabandhan Cast Elated By Seeing Fans From America Come Down To Meet Them

    The true success of a TV serial comes to show when there are fan pages across socials with followings that transcend the regional barrier and even more so when there are fans in real life who travel from far off shores to meet the actors of that show! Similar is the story of Dangal TV’s popular show Rakshabandhan- Rasal Apne Bhai Ki Dhal. Such is the craze for this show not just in India but also abroad that the entire cast of the show was recently surprised and overwhelmed when they found out that fans from the United States Of America had come down to meet them!

    Let us tell you, Rakshabandhan is going to complete 150 episodes soon and the cast feels that there couldn’t be a better gratification for their hard work than having fans who have painstakingly travelled all the way from the US to see their shoot and meet them. It is learnt that quite a few fans from the US dropped by at the sets, there were pictures taken and memories made!

    Nishant Malkani, who is playing the role of Shiva in Rakshabandhan said, “It feels great to know that our show is as popular in America as it is in India. I was very surprised that our fans from the US had come to meet us and watch the shooting of our show. It is a matter of great honour for us. I hope this show continues to be liked all over the world like this, its popularity keeps on increasing.”

    Nyra Banerjee, essaying the role of Chakori said, “I am very happy to know that our show is equally popular in America and fans from there are coming down to meet us! The ones that came, also had a little kid with them who was so cute. He was our sweetest fan so far. All of us spent time with everyone and also posed for pictures.”

    Varsha Sharma, who is playing the role of Rasal, said, “We are elated that people from abroad have come to meet us and watch us shoot our scenes. The popularity of Rakshabandhan can be gauged from this. I am very happy and excited that our show is being seen and appreciated all over the country as well as the world.”

    Vaishali Thakkar, playing the role of Kanak, said, “I would like to thank all the fans from the bottom of my heart. Now people are watching the Rakshabandhan show Internationally too. We had fans from America who came down to our sets to meet us. What could be more joyful than this? I am overjoyed and excited. Our show is quite interesting and more twists and turns are coming ahead which will be interesting for the fans.”

    Farman Haider, who is playing the role of Samar, also looked very happy and excited to meet the fans from America. At the same time, Prachi Pathak, playing the character of Poornima, also thanked all the fans that they are liking the show Rakshabandhan so much.

    The serial Rakshabandhan can be seen on Dangal TV from Monday to Friday at 7:30 PM.

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