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    5 reasons why 23rd Year Old Vedang Raina is the perfect Reggie Mantle*

    Meet 23-year old Vedang Raina, the new face in town who’s creating ripples with his debut as Reggie Mantle in Zoya Akhtar’s ‘The Archies’ streaming now on Netflix. In a star-studded cast including, Suhana Khan, Agasta Nada, Khushi Kapoor, Dot, Mihir Ahuja, and Yuvraj Menda, Vedang emerges as a shining star, captivating hearts with his unmatched style, talent, and charisma. Let’s dive into five reasons why Vedang Raina is not just another actor but a heartthrob in the making, proving that Reggie Mantle is a character you can’t afford to miss.

    The Leather Jacket Look: Vedang Raina effortlessly brings back the timeless trend of leather jackets, showcasing suaveness like no other. His portrayal of Reggie Mantle exudes confidence and style, making the leather jacket look a must-watch fashion statement.

    The School Boy Charm: As Reggie Mantle, Vedang steps into a character with close-knit ties to family and friends. With unwavering confidence, he effortlessly delivers emotions, making his role a must-watch in ‘The Archies.’ His school boy charm adds a relatable yet intriguing layer to the character.

    Dance and Singing Debut: Vedang Raina’s versatility shines as he undergoes rigorous training in skating, dancing, and singing for ‘The Archies.’ Not only does he make his mark as a dancer, but he also lends his voice to the musical, showcasing a multi-talented side that adds an extra layer of appeal to Reggie Mantle.

    Reggie Mantle’s Wardrobe: From pastel-colored shirts with ties, polo neck t-shirts, and floral printed shirts, Vedang’s wardrobe choices in ‘The Archies’ redefine casual and cool. Each outfit reflects his character’s style, making him a fashion icon to watch out for.

    Emotions, Passion, and Dialogue Delivery: In portraying the passionate character of Reggie Mantle, Vedang Raina leaves an indelible mark with his cool demeanor and mysterious boy looks. His dialogue delivery is nothing short of outstanding, immersing the audience in the emotions and passion of Reggie Mantle.

    In ‘The Archies,’ set against the backdrop of the charming town of RiverDale, Vedang Raina’s portrayal of Reggie Mantle transcends the screen, making him a heartthrob in the making.

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