Sunday, June 16, 2024

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    Love Takes Center Stage: Sachet-Parampara drop ‘Pyaar Ban Gaye,’ the Ultimate Valentine’s Day Anthem ft. Rohit Zinjurke and Karishma Sharma

    As the season of love unfolds, dynamic musical duo Sachet-Parampara have unveiled their latest masterpiece, ‘Pyaar Ban Gaye’ produced by Bhushan Kumar. This enchanting love ballad, featuring the charismatic duo of Rohit Zinjurke and the stunning Karishma Sharma, is poised to become the Valentine’s anthem, capturing the essence of romance and igniting the spark of love.

    Sachet and Parampara Tandon, who have become synonymous with crafting soulful and chart-topping melodies said, “We both are die-hard romantics, and it is a genre of music we love. To top that, Pyaar Ban Gaye has such a beautiful story to it, about childhood sweethearts growing up and with them, the love for each other also grows. It is a fairy tale told through a song.”

    Rohit Zinjurke shared, “Pyaar Ban Gaye is just beautiful. The song, the way it was shot. It carries an essence that will pull your heartstrings, so thanks to Sachet and Parampara ji for this beautiful song. Thanks to Karishma for being a wonderful co-star.”

    Karishma Sharma says, “The best thing about Pyaar Ban Gaye is that it instantly makes you fall in love. It’s the month of love and this song goes so well with the sweet love story that you will want to see it again and again.”

    Lyricist of this beautiful song, Sayeed Quadri said, “The song defines pure and innocent love. The aim was to pen down emotions that resonate universally—the joy, the longing, and the magic of falling in love.”

    The song is sung as well as composed by Sachet and Parampara, while the lyrics are penned by Sayeed Quadri. The music video is directed by Video Brains. Pyaar Ban Gaye is out on T-Series’ YouTube channel.

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