Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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    Gurdeep Mehndi, the Prince of Pop, Set to Release New EP on May 27th – Teaser Out Now

    Gurdeep Mehndi, celebrated as the Prince of Pop, is set to release his exciting new EP on May 27th under the Saregama music label. This much-anticipated collection features four tracks: “Inipu,” “Waari,” “Nasha,” and “Jaan,” each showcasing Gurdeep’s signature blend of infectious melodies and rich lyrical depth.

    The teaser for the EP dropped today, giving fans a glimpse of what to expect from these new songs. “Inipu” is expected to be a hit with its upbeat tempo and catchy hooks, while “Waari,” “Nasha,” and “Jaan” complement the EP with their unique themes and rhythms.

    Be sure to catch the full EP release exclusively on Saregama this May 27th, as Gurdeep Mehndi continues to charm the world with his musical prowess.

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