Monday, July 15, 2024

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    Divya Khossla Wins ‘Best Actress of the Year’ for ‘Savi’

    Divya Khossla has been awarded the ‘Best Actress of the Year’ for her outstanding performance in the thriller “Savi.” This recognition highlights her exceptional talent and dedication, which have been praised by both audiences and critics. Her role in the film has cemented her status as a significant star in the industry.

    “Savi,” directed by Abhinay Deo, has been a big success with a worldwide gross of Rs 20 crore. The movie’s exciting plot and twists have kept viewers hooked, and theatres are full across the country. Celebrated for its strong women-oriented narrative, the film has resonated deeply with female audiences, empowering many and garnering widespread praise. Khossla’s acting has been a highlight, earning her a lot of positive feedback from fans and industry experts.

    This award is a major achievement for Divya Khossla, showing her hard work has paid off. At the award ceremony, she looked absolutely gorgeous in a Banarasi saree, captivating everyone with her elegance and leaving a lasting impression with her radiant beauty. Her role in “Savi” has left a strong impression, proving she can deliver powerful performances. As the film continues to do well, Khossla’s win marks an important moment in her career, confirming her as a top actress in the industry.

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