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    Do actors really fall in love?

    A stage kiss, according to a psychology study, is more than just a kiss. It happens on a regular basis. Two performers collaborate on a film in which they play lovers, and it is later revealed that they are in love. They separate from their partners in order to be together. And that all happened when actors were playing lovers who had to pretend to be in love for weeks at a time.

    While there’s no denying that actors who play love interests fall in love in real life, such as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie after Mr. and Mrs. Smith, there’s also no denying that people who play love interests fall in love in real life. Is it, though, because they pretended to be in love and those sentiments became real? Is it because actors are compelled to spend long hours with the same individual in a limited space?

    The effects of kissing in front of the camera were identified by Dr. John D. Mayer, a psychology professor and one of the primary researchers behind Emotional Intelligence.

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

    As a result, it is dependent on the performing style. A stage kiss or appearing in a romantic comedy is less likely to influence technical actors, who focus on action rather than emotion. Method actors, on the other hand, who drive their characters with emotions, are more prone to fall in love with their co-stars.

    Furthermore, because method actors are continuously placed in emotionally unpleasant circumstances, they are more susceptible to levels of stress that a regular person would not be able to take. As a result, several psychologists have hypothesized why so many performers suffer from mental illness. When watching a film or television show, consumers are seeking realism.

    When casting directors to consider which actor would be ideal for the lead part, actors are pushed to their limits in order to provide spectators with engaging and entertaining experiences. Certain acting approaches, on the other hand, might have a long-term impact on not only the actor but also the supporting cast and crew.

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