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    Priyanka Chopra claims to have been a “serial monogamist” and claims her actor ex-boyfriends were “wonderful” individuals

    Priyanka Chopra recently discussed her previous relationships in a podcast, and even if some of them may have ended poorly, she insisted that all of her ex-boyfriends were lovely individuals.

    Priyanka Chopra recently discussed her profession, the difficulties she encountered along the way, her life-changing experiences, and her personal relationships before she met her husband Nick Jonas in a podcast. Priyanka talked extremely highly of her ex-boyfriends while discussing her previous relationships, and she acknowledged that while some of those relationships may have ended poorly, the guys she dated were “wonderful” and “great” individuals.

    The most recent guest on Alex Cooper’s podcast Call Her Daddy was Priyanka Chopra. Priyanka was questioned about her dating history prior to meeting Nick Jonas during the chat. “Before meeting your husband, did you find yourself stuck in any patterns, with your romantic relationships in the partners you were choosing?” asked the host. Priyanka replied, “Yeah definitely. In fact, I was a serial monogamist. I went from relationship to relationship to relationship. I did not give myself time at all between relationships till my last one.” When asked why, Priyanka replied, “I think I worked a lot and I always ended up dating the actors that I worked with or the people that I met on my set. And I think I just thought I had an idea of what a relationship should be like, and I kept seeking that and trying to fit the people that came into my life into my idea of that relationship.”

    Priyanka continued by saying she has dated “great people,” but that she had taken a two-year break following her previous relationship before meeting Nick. “Yeah, the relationships may have ended really badly, some of them, but the people that I’ve had, I’ve dated in my life, have been really wonderful. But after my ex before my husband, I literally took two years off. And that was a big reason I didn’t even date Nick at that time. Because I needed to know why I keep repeating my mistakes,” she said.

    Speaking of the errors, she said that she had previously felt the need to be the carer and had even canceled work in order to make sure the person she is seeing was “propped up.”

    Priyanka also discussed her unsuccessful nose surgery, stating, “I was 18, and I had just won Miss World. I was always a sickly kid. I had asthma when growing up. I’m in London, and I had this sinus, insane cold, and headaches. I went to a doctor, they had to do a Polypectomy.” The doctor ‘applied final touches’ to Priyanka’s nose, according to her, and when the bandages were removed, she saw that her nose had changed form!

    She claimed that not only was she traumatised at the moment, but also her parents were distraught. Priyanka said that at that time, she was also “kicked out of movies.” “My dad found surgeons in India and helped me reconstruct it, but it took a couple of years for it to come back to close to what it is now. But I was kicked out of movies that time, I remember there were screen tests done because there was gossip around how I changed my face,” said Priyanka.

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