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Actor Gulshan Devaiah Shares Insights into His Role in the Upcoming Untitled Action Series


Renowned actor Gulshan Devaiah offers a glimpse into his portrayal of a cop in the highly anticipated untitled action series, which has been drawing comparisons to the Hollywood film “Bad cop: Kriminell”. Known for his versatility and dedication to his craft, Gulshan Devaiah delved deep into the character preparation, undergoing rigorous action training to bring authenticity to his role.

Reflecting on his experience, Gulshan Devaiah remarked, “We are in the middle of filming this 8 episode series, and it’s been both enormously fun and painful.” The actor shed light on the challenges he faced while filming intense action sequences and stunts. “The action sequences and stunts were difficult to pull off, but the real tough thing to do was the running,” he added.

Directed by Aditya and featuring action sequences choreographed by Ravi Varma, the series demanded physical exertion beyond the ordinary. Gulshan Devaiah elaborated, “Our director Aditya and action director Ravi Varma had designed sequences that required me to run long distances over 100 to 200 meters flat out for multiple takes, at times over a dozen times.”

The demanding nature of the filming took its toll, with Gulshan Devaiah revealing the extent of the challenge. “Few stuntmen even threw up… it was that taxing on our systems,” he disclosed. Despite facing hurdles, the actor remained resilient, demonstrating his commitment to delivering a compelling performance.

The journey was not without its obstacles, as Gulshan Devaiah disclosed, “It was a real struggle considering the fact that I had twisted my ankle during a cable stunt rehearsal.” Despite the setback, his dedication to the role never wavered, showcasing his professionalism and determination to overcome adversity.

As anticipation builds for the release of the untitled action series, Gulshan Devaiah’s portrayal promises to captivate audiences with its intensity and authenticity. With his unwavering commitment to his craft, Gulshan Devaiah continues to solidify his reputation as one of India’s most versatile and talented actors.



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