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Show of Akshay’s bachchan pandey was forcibly closed, there was a ruckus in the theater wearing saffron


Iqbal Parwez

The craze of people is increasing to watch Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri’s film The Kashmir Files. Ever since the film has been made tax free in many states, people have been forming long lines outside cinema halls to watch this film. At the same time, recently Akshay Kumar and Kriti Sanon’s film Bachchan Pandey has been released which is giving competition to this film. But this film of Akshay Kumar is getting mixed response from the audience. People are going crazy to watch The Kashmir Files movie and one such video has surfaced in which it is being seen to what extent people are going to watch The Kashmir Files. A video is going viral on social media which is of a cinema hall in Odisha.

According to news, a crowd of people wearing saffron scarves can be seen trying to stop the screening of Akshay Kumar’s film Bachchan Pandey. These people are seen forcibly stopping the film and making threats. It can be seen in the video that these people are creating a lot of ruckus inside the cinema house. According to reports, the mob forcibly stopped the screening of Akshay Kumar’s Bachchan Pandey film and demanded that The Kashmir Files be shown to the audience.

Actually the film The Kashmir Files is being promoted in the name of Hindu Muslim. The film was served by making such a wall of hatred between Hindus and Muslims that the people of radical Hindu organizations broke down to watch this film. There have been reports of uproar in many more theaters in different parts of the country. If The Kashmir File is not installed in any theater, then the workers of Bajrang Dal went there and stopped the shows of other films.



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