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    What are Korean idols and how long was the term idol used in Korea?

    In South Korean fandom culture, a star who performs in the K-pop industry as a solo artist or as part of a group is referred to as an idol. K-pop idols are distinguished by the highly manufactured star system in which they are created and made public, as well as by their propensity to symbolize an amalgamated fusion of visuals, music, fashion, and dance. They often work for a well-known entertainment company and have had years of dancing, singing, and language training.

    Idols take great care to maintain a polished public persona and social media presence, and they invest a lot of time and money into developing close bonds with their followers through events like concerts and gatherings.

    Lee Soo-man set out to create the framework for the contemporary Korean pop music industry, drawing inspiration from the height of MTV in the United States. He saw how New Kids on the Block rose to fame in Korea throughout the 1990s. Lee Soo-man, the creator of S.M, popularised the K-pop trainee system. Every day, hundreds of applicants show up to the international auditions organized by Korean entertainment agencies to try out for the opportunity to work as a trainee. This was a component of a theory known as cultural technology.

    The trainee process lasts for an indefinite amount of time, ranging from months to years, and typically entails taking vocal, dance, and language classes while residing with other trainees who occasionally attend school at the same time, although some trainees drop out of school to concentrate on their careers.

    When candidates are ultimately selected to make their group debuts, they will encounter a fresh cast of characters developed by the business to serve the entertainment industry. Each member of an idol group has a certain role to perform, therefore one of their major work responsibilities is to keep that demeanour in any exposure they may receive. Through social media services with material that is maintained by the organisation to guarantee the continuity of these personal features, idol groups may develop their individual brand.

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