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    Korean BL: 4 incredible dramas of 2021 that left us amazed!

    For Korean BL Industry, 2021 was a great year.  The industry saw the release of beautiful dramas that changed the way one looks at BL in general. From relatable characters to strong plots.  amazing cinematography and perfect casting, one could not ask for more. So, here are some of our favorite Korean dramas in 2021: 

    To My Star': Popular 'Boys' Love' K-Drama Is Getting a Second Season

    1. To My Star 

    This Korean BL drama involves the wild love story of the free-spirited Kang Seo Joon.  Joon is a famous actor who takes refuge in the home of the cold and dashing chef, Han Ji Woo. Their clashing personalities don’t stop them from falling for each other.  And the process of it all is quite adorable.

    In spite of the stark difference in their outlook in life, the two begin feeling mutual attraction! The drama is too short to contain the ups and downs of their love story.  Therefore, we are getting a season 2 so we can see more of the duo. 

    2. Light on Me

    This drama earned so much love and recognition for the sweet story and even sweeter characters. The drama revolves around Tae Kyung, an 18-year-old high school student. Although he is a lifelong loner, one day, he starts questioning his own judgment.  Tae tells a teacher that he no longer wishes to be alone. The problem is, he has no idea how to start going about making new friends.

    However, the teacher advises him to join the school’s student council. Unfortunately, he discovers that making friends may be harder than it seems. The chemistry shared by Kang Tae Oh (Lee Sae On) and Noh Shin Woo (Kang Yoo Seok) is warm and sweet. Their passionate love story is definitely worth a watch.

    The Tasty Florida - EP1 | Falling into His Arms | Korean Drama - YouTube

    3. The Tasty Florida

    A warm and appealing Korean BL drama that involves handsome men and beautiful shots.  Additionally, there are steaming pots of Black Bean Noodles, to keep the viewers drooling.

    Furthermore, the drama involves college freshman Seo Hae Won.  The character ends up staying in a guesthouse after coming to Seoul to study.  He ends up working at the ‘The Tasty Florida’.  While working, he gets involved in the lives of Baek Eun Kyu and Cha Ji Soo.  Thereafter, a messy love triangle follows. 

    4. You Make Me Dance

    With this drama, there is the debut of Choo Young Woo.  The amazing actor is known for his roles in ‘Police University’ and ‘School 2021’. Also, woo has shared the screen with Won Hyung Joon, who plays the role of Jin Hong Seok.  Joon is a distant and calculative debt collector who ends up sharing a rooftop apartment with Song Shi On, played by Cho Young Woo.

    Ultimately, they fall in love with each other through the love of dance. Their sizzling chemistry from episode 1 is quite evident.  Both of them have done a  great job of showing that the trials and suffering of life can never stop love. 

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