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ATEEZ to release a new single ‘Don’t Stop’ with UNIVERSE Music


UNIVERSE Music unveils the latest collaboration with ATEEZ on January 24.  Fans have excitedly received the news. The members are dressed in blue and white outfits, styled hair, and many accessories. The schedule shows that from January 25th onwards there will be multiple teasers released until the MV release on January 31st. 

ATEEZ was honored with the ‘Bonsang’ award At the ‘31st Seoul Music Awards‘ held on January 23rd by making a total settlement of the music industry in 2021.

Additionally, this is even more meaningful as this award is given for the second consecutive year following last year. ATEEZ is currently in the U.S. on the 2022 arena-class world tour ‘THE FELLOWSHIP: BEGINNING OF THE END’ schedule.  Therefore, they have expressed their gratitude through a video.

ATEEZ expressed their gratitude for The Bonsang Award

Nonetheless, expressing their appreciation, ATEEZ said, “Thanks for the love and support you have given to us in 2021.  Consequently, we were able to run non-stop without getting tired. This will help us work harder, and we will repay you with better performances and better music.  Hence, we anticipate that the fans will be happy with ATEEZ in 2022 as well.”

Furthermore, last year, ATEEZ released their mini-album ‘ZERO: FEVER Part.2’, ‘ZERO: FEVER Part.3’, and their first repackage EP ‘ZERO: FEVER EPILOGUE’.  Understandably, they had a busier year than ever. Among them, it entered the Billboard main chart ‘Billboard 200’ for the first time with a score of 42.  Hence ATEEZ broke its own best record for each album release. 

Also, in 2021 the cumulative album sales reached about 1.86 million copies.  They succeeded in forming a thick fandom with various music, solidifying their position as a leader in the next generation of K-pop. Meanwhile, the boy band held the third concert of their America tour at the Prudential Centre in Newark on January 24th.



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