Women of My Billion (Hindi)


    Women of My Billion tells the heart-wrenching and heart-warming story of the struggles, dreams, rights, and fight against all forms of violence that unite women in today’s India. The film follows Srishti’s journey of 3800 km over 240 days, from Kanyakumari in South India to Kashmir in the North. This is particularly relevant in the current climate, as the crisis it highlights has only been exacerbated since the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the lens of the UN SDG Changemaker Award winner and activist, we gain a unique perspective on the group that deserves to be respected, empowered, and protected.

    Production Companies: Awedacious Originals in association with Purple Pebble Pictures
    Producers: Apoorva Bakshi and Priyanka Chopra Jonas
    Director: Ajitesh Sharma
    Cast: Srishti Bakshi, Neha Rai, Pragya Prasun, and Sangeeta Tiwari



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