Which are the cost-effective TV cable alternatives?


    Let’s face it: cable television is prohibitively expensive. Cable TV costs an average of $217 per month or more than $2,600 per year! If you’re attempting to pay off debt or save money, cutting the cable cord is one of the most cost-effective methods to accomplish so.

    Nothing beats kicking back on the couch and losing yourself in your favorite show, we understand. However, you no longer need cable to do so. There are a plethora of less expensive cable options available. And chances are you won’t miss it if you make the transition. Cut the cord, ready, set, go!

    Disney+ ($8–14 per month)


    Thanks to Disney’s streaming service, a whole new world has opened up. Original episodes and films, as well as old Disney favorites like Frozen, Mary Poppins, and everything in between, are available to view. Oh, and by anything else, we mean everything. Not to mention all of the Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and National Geographic films.

    Discovery+ ($5–7 per month)

    If the first thing you do when you go into a hotel is flip on HGTV or Food Network, then Discovery+ is here to fulfill all of your fantasies. TLC, Travel Channel, History Channel, Animal Planet, A&E, Lifetime, Magnolia Network, and Discovery Channel are among the channels available on the streaming service (obviously).

    Netflix ($9–18 per month)

    Netflix is ideal for binge-watching full seasons in a single sitting. However, unless it’s a Netflix original series (or a show from the past that’s already ended), you’ll have to wait until the season airs on network television before it’s available on Netflix. But, hey, there aren’t any commercials!

    Apple TV+ ($5 per month)

    It wasn’t enough for them to be the universe’s most powerful tech business. Watch out, world: Apple has launched its own streaming service! Apple TV+, like its main competitors Netflix and Amazon, features its own original television shows and movies. In fact, that’s how much of it is made up of. There aren’t as many classic favorites to watch as there are with the other selections, but it’s still only $5 per month.

    HBO Max ($15 per month)

    HBO Max has a little bit of everything for everyone. Sesame Street, DC blockbusters (imagine all those Batman movies), Warner Bros. films, Friends, and, of course, their own unique content are all available.

    Hulu ($6–12 per month)

    If you want to watch a Hulu original series or currently airing shows shortly after they premiere, Hulu is a terrific alternative. The only snag? You’ll have to go through some repetitious adverts unless you upgrade to the commercial-free version ($12).

    Amazon Prime Video ($9 per month)

    It’s not simply for shopping on Amazon. It’s a serious rival in the world of online streaming. Amazon Prime Video membership allows you access to a large variety of popular movies and TV shows, as well as a number of Amazon original programs.

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