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    Where is the actor now how played killjoy in 2000?

    Craig Ross and ngel Vargas starred in the American fantasy slasher movie Killjoy, which was released in 2000. It centers on a slain young man who seeks vengeance through Killjoy, a deadly demon clown. It is the first installment in the Killjoy series.

    Monique and Jada, two young women, are conversing when Michael, a geeky child going home from school, comes upon them. Michael invites Jada out since they are friends, but Jada gently declines him because she already has a boyfriend—a thug called Lorenzo. Coincidentally, Lorenzo observes Michael chatting to Jada while driving by with his friends T-Bone and Baby Boy.

    A homeless guy discreetly observes from an alley as they halt and beat Michael. That evening, Michael makes an apparent failure in his attempt to animate a doll he names Killjoy. He is kidnapped by Lorenzo, T-Bone, and Baby Boy, who then take him to a remote location where they “accidentally” shoot him. They go from his corpse.

    After a year, Jada is still coping with her love for Lorenzo and Michael even though she is now dating Jamal. While T-Bone and Baby Boy are out having fun, Lorenzo leaves to meet Kahara, his new lover. T-Bone and Baby Boy come upon an ice cream truck with Killjoy, a clown who claims to be selling narcotics. Killjoy takes them to his hideout, an abandoned warehouse, and invites them inside.

    The ice cream truck runs Baby Boy against the wall, killing him. T-Bone smokes a lighted blunt that he discovers, which causes him to catch fire and vanish. In Killjoy’s den, their charred and bruised bodies are displayed together.

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