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What is the story of the movie Izzatdaar?


Izzatdaar is a Hindi-language Indian film from 1990 starring Dilip Kumar, Govinda, Madhuri Dixit, Anupam Kher, Shafi Inamdar, and Raghuvaran, a South Indian actor making his Bollywood debut. Dilip Kumar had not had a flop in 6 years, since Duniya (1984).

Brahmdutt, a wealthy Steel Baron, is wrongfully convicted of the murder of Premchand, his best friend and business partner. When Brahmdutt is imprisoned, he learns from sources that his son-in-law Indrajeet has plotted to catch him and take over his empire. Brahmdutt swears that once he is free, he will avenge Indrajeet completely. Brahmdutt is aided in his quest for vengeance by Vijay, Indrajeet’s own deserted son.


Because of his scheming son-in-law, Raghuvaran, Dilip Kumar portrays a guy who is set up and framed for a murder for which he is imprisoned. When Madhuri Dixit confronts Raghuvaran about his wicked actions, Raghuvaran slaps and molests her, killing his daughter Swapna in the process.

Dilip Kumar seeks retribution for his daughter’s death and the years he spent in prison. In this context, Govinda is a man who works for the underworld after being shot by Tej Sapru as a child. Govinda alters his ways after falling in love with Madhuri Dixit and joins forces with Dilip Kumar to get vengeance on the villains who harmed him as well.

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