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Khushi Kapoor steps into Bollywood in Mother Sridevi’s iconic gown- A touching tribute

Khushi Kapoor

Stepping into the limelight of her Bollywood debut, Khushi Kapoor is turning heads not just with her acting chops but also with a fashion statement that echoes her mother’s iconic style. The much-anticipated premiere of ‘The Archies’ at NMACC in Mumbai is about to witness a touch of nostalgia as Khushi graces the event in a gown that was worn the ever-stylish Sridevi back in 2013.

Khushi Kapoor, making a mark with her distinct sense of fashion, has chosen to pay a tribute to her mother, Sridevi in an iconic ensemble. The chosen gown, with its intricate crystals, was a showstopper when Sridevi wore it at the 2013 IIFA red carpet. Now, it takes center stage once again as Khushi steps into the world of Bollywood.

A source close to Khushi Kapoor revealed, “Khushi is extremely happy to pay a tribute to her mother as she wears such an iconic gown which was once worn by her mother. She is also wearing Sridevi’s jewellery for the red carpet. This is a very special day and for Khushi it’s particularly an emotional debut.”

As the spotlight shifts to Khushi Kapoor’s ravishing ensemble on the red carpet, her choice of attire whispers a story tradition, adding an extra layer of excitement for the big debut. The gown, with its glittering glamour, is creating a buzz and we’re all feeling the sentimental gesture.

Khushi Kapoor marks her debut as the spotlight shines on the next generation of Bollywood in a moment that promises to take forward an impending legacy. Catch Khushi Kapoor as Betty Cooper in ‘The Archies’ releasing on 7th December.



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