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Zee Studios’ “12th Fail,” “Gadar 2,” “Joram,” and “Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway” Clinch 20 Nominations at the Filmfare Awards 2024


As the excitement builds for the 69th Filmfare Awards 2024, Zee Studios emerges as a powerhouse with an impressive 20 nominations across 25 categories for its blockbuster films “12th Fail,” “Gadar 2,” and “Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway.”

Sunny Deol’s Stellar Performance in “Gadar 2:”
Sunny Deol’s powerful portrayal in “Gadar 2” earns him a nomination for Best Actor in a Leading Role (Male), while the film’s stunning visual effects by Prisca, Pixel Studios, secure a spot in the Best VFX category along with a nomination in Best Action for their stupendous action sequences.

“12th Fail” – A Triumph in Multiple Categories:
Zee Studios’ “12th Fail” leads the pack with nominations in several key categories. Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s directorial prowess is evident as he secures a nomination for Best Director, Best Screenplay, and Best Dialogue. The film’s compelling narrative earns it a nod for Best Film and Best Film Critics’, showcasing the depth of storytelling brought to life on the silver screen. Vikrant Massey’s nuanced performance in “12th Fail” is recognized with a nomination for Best Actor Critics’, adding another layer to the film’s rich tapestry of talent. The film boasts nominations for Best Background Score (Shantanu Moitra), Best Cinematography (Rangarajan Ramabadran), Best Production Design (Prashant Bidkar), Best Costume Design (Malvika Bajaj), Best Sound Design (Manav Shrotriya), and Best Editing (Jaskunwar Singh Kohli and Vidhu Vinod Chopra).

Rani Mukerji’s Captivating Performance in “Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway:”

Rani Mukerji captivates audiences in “Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway,” earning nominations for Best Actress in a Leading Role and Best Actress Critics’. The film’s unique storyline and Mukerji’s stellar performance receive well-deserved recognition from the critics.

A Glimpse into “Joram:” “Joram” earns a nomination for Best Story and Best Film (Critics) wherea Manoj Bajpayee’s soul-stirring performance garnered a nomination in Best Actor (Critics) showcasing Zee Studios’ commitment to diverse and compelling narratives.

With ruling the box office in 2023, Zee Studios has also emerged as the leading powerhouse delivering tasteful cinematic specimens across genres! Clinching 20 nominations from 25 categories is definitely a massive feat, given the artsy competition.



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