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    Who has the worst childhood in bigbang the KPOP boy band?

    It should come as no surprise that trying to become a K-pop star is highly challenging and unlikely to succeed. For some, the years of preparation paid off when they eventually made their significant debut. However, because of the extraordinary suffering, they have experienced, some people have it worse than others.

    Yunho from TVXQ!

    Even though he is now one-half of one of K-most pop’s most well-known pairings, Yunho’s teenage years were undoubtedly difficult. Due to a financial catastrophe that finally made them homeless, his family was extremely destitute. Yunho really “had nowhere to go” on several nights and was forced to sleep at train stations.

    Sunggyu from INFINITE

    Sunggyu had lofty aspirations to be a singer, but his parents were so opposed that they preferred he leave the family home. Which, in the end, he did.

    Before ultimately realizing his ambition in 2010 when he made his debut with INFINITE, Sunggyu maintained his idol dreams by working many part-time jobs during his trainee years. Sunggyu arrived in Seoul all by himself with only his belongings.

    SEVENTEEN’s Vernon

    The fact that Vernon is half-American and half-Korean means that he was subjected to racial prejudice as a child in the United States. When he relocated to South Korea, he still encountered prejudice due to his American ancestry.

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