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Sandeep Nahar dies by suicide


There is a piece of sad news that has rocked Bollywood today. Actor Saneep Nahar is no more. The actor who was a part of the movies M S Dhoni The untold Story and Kesari is no more.

The actor is said to have committed suicide. He had posted his suicide note on social media. The post on Facebook had gone viral in no time. However, people around him were not able to prevent him from taking such a drastic step.

Sandeep in his post shared how he had struggled in Bollywood. While talking about his hardships, he mentioned that he was unable to cope with his wife. He further requested people to not blame his wife for his actions.

The note that has been penned in Hindi, looks like a cry of help. Sandeep Nahar in the same has explained why he thinks things have become unbearable for him.

While it is a sad day but it also sheds light on how little importance we put on mental health.

Sushant Singh Rajput way

In June 2020, actor Sushant Singh Rajput was also found hanging in his house. Probe is still going on to rule whether it was a suicide. However, it is strange that two actors from the movie Dhoni are no more.



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