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Ira Khan: Aamir Khan’s daughter reveals feeling angry & depressed


Aamir Khan’s daughter, Ira Khan took to Instagram and posted a video.  In the video, the star kid talks about how she has been feeling.  Lately, Iran Khan is feeling angry and this emotion is unfamiliar to her. 

According to Ira Khan, it is unlike her to feel angry.  Therefore, in the beginning, she felt that this was due to a change in her medications.  Ira is saying in the video, “I had a really bad day yesterday. I’ve had a few bad days. My medication is changed. So, I think it is my medication. I’ve been really angry for the past few days. And that’s weird for me because I’m not the person who gets angry.” 

Additionally, Ira added, “I get embarrassed that I’m angry. I pretty much don’t get angry.” While she is disinterested in things, Ira revealed that she went to play football.  Unfortunately, she felt even more angry post it.

Furthermore, while Ira was driving back home, she realized that she could not drive either. “I didn’t think I should be in control of a machine, so I parked the car on the roadside.  I called someone to pick me up and I just sobbed and sobbed,” Ira said in the video.

However, Ira’s psychiatrist confirmed that the medication change is not behind this feeling. Towards the end of the video, Ira played a song “Gets You Wondering”, which she revealed made her feel better.



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