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Here is how Hrithik Roshan celebrated the fourth anniversary of the movie Super 30

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan uploaded some old photos from the Hrithik Roshan and Mrunal Thakur starrer Super 30 and wrote a brief but loving letter to celebrate the movie’s fourth anniversary.

Today marks the completion of 4 years of Hrithik Roshan and Mrunal Thakur’s Super 30. Hrithik’s portrayal in the biographical drama film, which was directed by Vikas Bahl, received high praise when it was released in theatres on July 12, 2019. Four years have passed since the release of Super 30, one of Hrithik Roshan’s most outlandish and daring performances.

Hrithik Roshan tweeted throwback images from the movie on his social media accounts to mark the occasion, calling the film’s promotion one of the highlights of his life.

Hrithik Roshan shared several stills from the movie Super 30 on his Instagram stories. Mrunal Thakur is also visible in one of the images. Hrithik shared the movie stills on his blog, “Some films leave a deep imprint as an actor and collaborator. Super 30 for me is an experience lived, one I will forever cherish.” 

Hrithik Roshan, who is sometimes referred to as the Greek God of Bollywood, defied expectations by playing a character that was rooted in the countryside for the movie. Super 30 followed the emotional development of Hrithik Roshan’s character while based on the life of mathematician Anand Kumar. The audience was taken on an emotional roller coaster by the true-life underdog narrative of the bright teacher who changed the lives of poor pupils and starred Hrithik Roshan as Anand Kumar.

Hrithik Roshan did rigorous preparation for his role in order to portray his versatility and demonstrate his acting prowess once more. Hrithik once again showed his attention and commitment to the industry, from taking diction classes to undergoing a remarkable physical transformation to acquire weight for the character.

Super 30 is poised to be one of Hrithik Roshan’s most well-liked on-screen performances because to its powerful dialogue, engaging acting, and extraordinary experience.

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