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Farhan Akhtar Receive First Dose Of Covid-19 Vaccine, Urge Fans to Get Vaccinated


The government has started the Covid-19 vaccination programme for the 18-44 age group. The campaign has begun on May 1. Several Bollywood stars took their first dose in the last week. And now, actor Farhan Akhtar also received the first dose of covid vaccine. He took to his social media to share he has got the first dose of the vaccine and asks everyone to wait till their turn comes, the process does take 2-3 hours.

Farhan took to his Twitter handle and shared that he got his first jab, “Got my first jab today via drive through at Andheri sports complex. Thank you to @mybmc & @MumbaiPolice for the streamlined system,”

The actor further added, To those waiting their turn, the process does take 2-3 hours (for now) so please be patient. Carry water & a snack, if need be. Stay safe,”

Besides, Farhan Akhtar, Many other celebrities have taken their first dose of the covid-19 vaccine. Recently, Kartik Aaryan also took his first dose of vaccine. The actor was spotted at the Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai on Friday. Gurmeet and his wife, actor Debian Bonnerjee also received the first dose of the vaccine, said getting vaccination is important. He said, “Please don’t wait for any kind of ‘this or that’ thoughts or news, vaccination is very important not only for you but for all your surroundings, this is one of the biggest ways of how you can help #India is to get yourself vaccinated. The actor urges everyone to get vaccinated, The slots may take time to appear but it will appear. #IndiaWillHeal #BetterTogether #IndiaTogether #Covid19India,”

Talking about Farhand Akhtar will be appearing in the upcoming film, ‘Toofaan’. While the film was about to release on Amazon Prime Video on May 21. It has been postponed due to the current situation.



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