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After a blogger corrects people who compared Sonam Kapoor’s Coronation Concert attire to a “bedsheet”

Sonam Kapoor

A fashion blogger defended Sonam Kapoor when several Netizens on social media criticized her attire for the King Charles III Coronation Concert.

On May 7, 2023, at Windsor Castle, Sonam Kapoor just gave a spoken word performance at King Charles III’s Coronation Concert. Sonam Kapoor dressed elegantly for the event in a gown by Anamika Khanna and Emilia Wickstead. While her admirers gushed over her lovely appearance, some online trolls mocked it, claiming that the patterned dress “looks like a bedsheet.” A fashion blogger then defended Sonam by outlining the background of the chintz print.

Aamir Ali Shah, a fashion blogger, posted an explanation of Sonam’s outfit’s pattern on Instagram on Tuesday. He said that the chintz pattern fabric has a fascinating history and that many people use it without being aware of the fabric’s background. According to Aamir Ali, he recently received a comment on a photo of Sonam Kapoor wearing the garment in which the Netizen said that the clothing “looks like a bedsheet” and questioned what was so amazing about it. Although these “Chintz” patterns are now frequently used for bedsheets, curtains, and upholstery, he said that they were originally known as “cheent” near the Indian Coromandel coast. The Chintz was once highly prized all over the world and contributed to a global revolution in fashion.

He added, “Before Europe came to “claim” these prints, cheent a plain weave glazed cotton fabric was printed, or painted in vivid colors and was traded across seas for decades. Europeans lapped up ‘indiene’ design to make their homes lush with vibrant madder and indigo colors depicting exotic flora and fauna, which was a necessity given the weather outside was often grey and cloudy. Until 17th century trade in these Indian printed cottons flourished then European fabric manufacturers protested and even rioted against ‘the tawdry, bespotted’ cottons made by ‘Heathens and Pagans’.”

He also mentioned that fake chintz was created in the Netherlands, Britain, and France as a result of colonial businesses’ restriction on cotton from India. Following this, European birds and vegetation were shown in the themes.

Concluding the note, he wrote, “Now with Sonam Kapoor wearing it, ”it is indeed a full circle moment” quoting Deepthi Sasidharan (@lampglow) and Susan Thomas (@afsarnama) here from across the border.A fabric which became dispossessed from the natives, is here being reclaimed and recontextualized.”

This post also garnered Sonam Kapoor’s attention, and she dropped a comment thanking Aamir. “Thank you for getting the whole point of this. Anamika designed the print,” wrote Sonam.

Sonam Kapoor gave a spoken performance to introduce the Commonwealth virtual choir during the Coronation Concert. ‘Namaste’ was the greeting she used to start her discourse. Sunita Kapoor, Sonam’s mother, posted a clip of the speech to Instagram with the caption, “So proud! Such an honour!”

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