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    Zoya Hussain & Jim Sarbh Flip the Narrative with Their New YouTube interview show ‘Crew Cut’

    Embark on an immersive journey into the world of filmmaking with actors turned interviewers, exploring the untold stories of the behind-the-scenes storytellers – the crew.

    The talented Zoya Hussain and Jim Sarbh are all set to venture into the world of digital content creation with the launch of their brainchild, a YouTube interview show called ‘Crew Cut.’ Collaborating with actors and crew of the Indian film industry, the channel promises to provide an insider’s view into the intricate world of movie-making by showcasing in-depth conversations with the unsung heroes of the film industry – the crew.

    In a refreshing twist, ‘Crew Cut’ flips the narrative: actors aren’t interviewed, they DO the interviewing. They interview the people working behind the scenes, delving into the crews’ experiences, processes, unique insights, and creative approach.

    Jim Sarbh shares his inspiration behind ‘Crew Cut’ stating, “Zoya and I have been thoroughly inspired by the crew we see on set. They are totally entrenched in the overarching storytelling of any project. An actor drops in and out of the shooting schedule, but a production designer, cinematographer or music film composer, for example, is present for the entire experience. They understand the project in its entirety, and their influence affects our experience of watching a film more than we can imagine. Ideally, through the show we want to highlight the fact that though they are often referred to as technicians, their job is anything but just technical, what they truly are, is storytellers. Extremely creative, hardworking, and intelligent storytellers who align with the director’s vision.”

    Zoya Hussain adds, “On Crew Cut, expect everything from our guests. Why did they want to pick the profession they have, how did they start off in the industry, what inspires them, what makes them tick, what thoughts and feelings they have about life in general, what they like outside of work, who they are, hear some jokes, and get lots of advice.”

    Season 1 of ‘Crew Cut’ boasts an impressive line-up of guests who will share their experiences on the channel. Jim Sarbh, Zoya Hussain, Rasika Duggal, Vidya Balan, Arjun Radhakrishnan, Anil Kapoor and Mrunal Thakur will be seen interviewing the magical crew who are set to make their appearance on the show.

    The first episode of ‘Crew Cut’ is set to release today, featuring Jim Sarbh in the interviewer’s chair, engaging in a compelling conversation with cinematographer Harshvir Oberai. Known for his notable work in projects like Rocket Boys, Kathal, Ponniyan Selvan, The Circle is Mine, Arya and Taish, Oberai will provide a glimpse into his journey and share his unique perspectives on the art of cinematography.

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