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    World Saree Day: Sudhaa Chandran from COLORS’ ‘Doree’ shares her love for six yards of Banarasi silk

    The audiences are hooked to COLORS’ ‘Doree’, a thought-provoking social drama that outlines the roots of patriarchy and the ‘chhoti soch’ that plagues society even today. Veteran actor Sudhaa Chandran, who essays the role of Kailashi Devi Thakur in it, is making waves with her flawless portrayal of a dominating matriarch, who believes that only men can carry forward the legacy of their family. She has been inspiring headlines not only for her acting mettle but also for the graceful way she dons her character’s look. Throughout her career, the seasoned actor has shown her sartorial splendor in various roles, predominantly opting for sarees. This trend continues in ‘Doree’, where she is once again seen sporting authentic Banarasi sarees. A stickler for perfection, she pays attention to details such as her bold bindi, a stole, Banarasi-inspired jewelry, glass bangles, and big rings, her favourite – a special peacock ring, which she wears in every show. On World Saree Day, the Doree actor expresses her love for sarees and reveals her latest acquisition— a specially crafted saree with intricate details of the timeless Banarasi style.

    Talking about her love for sarees, Sudhaa Chandran shares, “Firstly I would like to thank our audience for the love and support they are giving to Doree, it means a lot to me. Secondly, as Kailashi Devi says and the tagline of the show goes ‘Aadmi ki pehchaan uski gaadi se hoti hai aur ek aurat ki pehchaan uski saree se’ and ‘Saree sirf ek pehnava nahi meri pehchaan bhi hai’. I completely agree with this and I’m glad that through this show my tryst with sarees continues. This garment holds a special place in my heart on and off the screen. What I truly love about sarees is their universal appeal, embracing women of all sizes. It’s a wonderful part of our culture, that has made India proud in the world of fashion. It makes me very happy to see women owning this timeless garment. On the occasion of World Saree Day, I got myself a specially woven saree with intricate details. The moment I saw it, I couldn’t resist buying it. I’m waiting to wear it for a special occasion. I hope we continue to cherish the significance of the six-yard saree.”

    Keep watching ‘Doree’ every Monday to Sunday at 9:00 pm only on COLORS!

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