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    ‘Thrilled to be a part of the vibrant Kannada film industry!’ – Nora Fatehi on her acting debut in Kannada; signs a two-film deal with KVN Productions

    Global sensation Nora Fatehi’s popularity knows no bounds. Enthralling us over the years with some serious performances, this time again, she embraces the multi-ethnic potentiality our country has to offer by signing a significant two-film deal with KVN Productions. This collaboration, after Telugu, marks her acting debut now, in the Kannada film industry.

    The inaugural project titled KD – The Devil, will feature a dynamic dance number that will highlight Nora’s unmatched dancing prowess and also bring together two other heavyweights of the Indian film industry. Sanjay Dutt is set to join the foot-tapping song, adding an extra layer of star power. While speculations were rife about Vijay Sethupati joining the cast, the movie itself stars the charismatic Shilpa Shetty.

    Directed by Prem, a well-known Kannada filmmaker, this film is poised to be a visual spectacle. He says, “Nora Fatehi comes in with a lot of dedication and focus for the job at-hand. I have tremendous faith in this global sensation and believe that this unique addition will elevate the film to new heights.”

    Nora Fatehi expressed her enthusiasm saying, “I am thrilled to be a part of the vibrant Kannada film industry. This collaboration is an exciting opportunity to connect with a new audience and explore the different aspects of the storytelling tradition in Karnataka. I can’t wait for the audience to see what we have in store for them.”

    Mohan Suprith, the Head of Business and Operations at KVN Productions, echoed Nora’s excitement, stating, “We are extremely happy to welcome Nora Fatehi to the Kannada film fraternity. Her energy and talent are unparalleled, and we believe that her presence will add a unique flavor to our films.”

    The synergy between bollywood stalwarts and the local kannada talent is expected to create magic on screen. As the project unfolds, fans eagerly await further details on the role that Nora will be essaying in her second film along with the unique narrative KVN Productions will bring to the Kannada cinema landscape.

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