Saturday, July 13, 2024

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    Sunny Kaushal Joins Hands with Bhamla Foundation as Goodwill Brand Ambassador for #BhoomiNamaskar Initiative – “We are the generation that can make a difference”, says the actor

    Sunny Kaushal takes lead as the goodwill brand ambassador for the Bhamla Foundation’s latest initiative, #BhoomiNamaskar. This campaign in association with the BMC and UN Environment Programme, is designed to inspire individuals to share their environmental efforts online with #BhoomiNamaskar.

    Sunny Kaushal, an avid nature lover expresses, “We can not turn back our time, but what we can do is regrow our forest, reserve and restore our water resources, bring back the soil. We are the generation that can make a difference, the generation that can make peace with the land. Our land, our future.”

    With World Environment Day just around the corner, Sunny’s involvement as the campaign’s voice is expected to resonate strongly with his followers and the broader public, inspiring more people to take proactive steps in preserving and enhancing our natural world.

    This initiative holds significant personal importance for Sunny as it aligns perfectly with his values and offers him a platform to advocate for nature on a larger scale. As he joins hands with the Bhamla Foundation, he embodies the spirit of #BhoomiNamaskar—honoring the earth through positive action and making a difference.

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