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    Ram Charan heaps praises for his entrepreneurial philanthropist wife Upasana Kamineni Konidela

    Ram Charan and his wife Upasana have ruled hearts all through 2023. Acing it on their respective fronts, the couple has now been featured in Forbes India as the power couple of 2023. And seeing the RRR actor speak so candidly and highly of his wife only makes their fans more fond of their couple.

    While talking to Forbes India, Ram heaps praises for his wife and says, “When you begin your career, you have lots of ups and downs, and Upasana brought stability in my life during that phase. She was an amazing listener, and now it’s time for me to listen to her—as it should be.”

    He further added how Upasana helps amplify his career, “She gets the job done,” he asserted.

    While Upasana confesses facing a culture shock getting married into a film family, Ram added, “Upasana shocked us with the way she blended so beautifully and seamlessly. She didn’t make it difficult for us as a family, though she could have. She made the effort to understand my side of work. And she likes movies too, so she’s not disconnected. But she’s a total Yash Chopra fan, not my kind of movies. She’s the more romantic one.”

    Well, this couple knows how to make their fans’ hearts skip a beat. And they often do that by talking so fondly about each other.

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