Saturday, September 30, 2023

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    Rahul Khanna lends voice to a meaningful film that promotes the idea of people living one complete and true authentic self

    Rahul Khanna along with Cottonworld has launched the second part of the comfort trilogy of films titled ‘Be Comfortable with Uncomfortable’. It is an eloquent homage to the pursuit of authenticity and the art of embracing one’s true self. This film is a testament to the courage to find tranquillity within life’s uncertainties, a resonating celebration of one’s collective journey toward self-discovery and empowerment.

    Directed by Gautam Kohli, Creative Director at Cottonworld’s creative advertising agency Pulp India, this new film sheds light on people embracing their “uncomfortable” which is often defined by society, and living their true lives in the most authentic selves.

    Speaking about this new film for which actor Rahul Khanna has lent his voice said, “I am honoured to have voiced this ode to the courage of finding amity within adversity. This film is a celebration of the journey to self-assurance that resonates deeply with me and countless others. Together, we champion the glory that comes from being comfortable in one’s own skin.”

    Latest Posts

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