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    Prerna Arora along with Director Suresh Krissna to unveil first look of Telugu Hindi Movie on 16th January

    There is a famous quote: “When something good has to happen, the entire universe conspires to help you achieve it.” That’s precisely how the project HERO HEROINE came into being. During a chance meeting with Prerna one morning in Chennai a few months ago, in a hotel lobby where she was present for a music video album, I shared a small two-minute storyline with her over a cup of coffee. Prerna, with her sharp intellect, enthusiastically embraced the idea and declared, “We have to do this film.” I was surprised at how she could grasp the content with just a two-minute story narration. She simply said, “The theme you have narrated is enough, sir. This will connect with the audience instantly. In an entertaining commercial film, getting a message like this is fabulous. Please send me the synopsis; we are doing this film.”

    I waited, curious to know if she was serious. By evening, she reached out again, asking for the synopsis. When I inquired about what she liked in this theme, she replied, “It’s a love story—a story of the thin line between reel and real. The reel, meaning the fictional world of cinema, and the real, meaning the world where we all live. The world of cinema, the hero, and heroine who enact those roles many times lose their balance. They forget that they are playing characters, and the romance and emotion they go through pertain only to those characters. In the process, they start moving away from their true love in the real world. The true love of their respective partners and the love of their families are the true strength of love. Every youth today should realize the bond of true love—the bond of family love.”

    “I have always worked on films with an important social message so is this film hoping that again and strike victory with this film and make a statement ‘DhumraPyaar Nishedh’” added by Prerna Arora

    That was exactly the theme. I was floored by her sharp intellect and equally thrilled that she found my story so exciting and narrated it back to me so perfectly. With a brilliant mind and a talented, successful producer like Prerna Arora, I am looking forward to a film that will be worth watching.

    Latest Posts

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