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    Pavail Gulati reflects on the unique bond shared with Taapsee Pannu and Saiyami Kher over the love for sports, says the two actresses taught him badminton and squash

    Actor Pavail Gulati opens up about the special bond forged over sports with his colleagues turned friends, Taapsee Pannu and Saiyami Kher. Having collaborated with Taapsee in films like “Thappad” and “Dobaaraa,” Pavail’s friendship with the talented actress has flourished over the years, marked by shared interests and mutual respect.

    During the filming of their projects, Pavail and Taapsee found common ground over their shared love for squash, with Taapsee’s proficiency in the sport adding an extra dimension to their camaraderie. Their games of squash not only strengthened their on-screen chemistry but also solidified their unique friendship beyond the sets.

    Similarly, Pavail’s on-screen partnership with Saiyami Kher in the web series “Faadu” by Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari led to the discovery of yet another shared passion: Badminton. Despite Pavail’s inclination towards various sports during shoots, the trio of Pavail, Taapsee, and Saiyami frequently indulged in friendly squash and badminton matches, further nurturing their special bond even after the project concluded. Pavail learnt a great deal of these sports from these women.

    Reflecting on the camaraderie shared over sports, Pavail Gulati remarked, “My friendship with Taapsee and Saiyami transcends the boundaries of our professional collaborations. Sports have served as a common ground for us to connect and unwind amidst our hectic schedules. Whether it’s a game of squash with Taapsee or badminton with Saiyami, these shared moments have strengthened our bond and enriched our friendship. These two women are great not only on screen but off screen they have such incredible varied interest especially in sports. I too have been a basketball player in school and during our time we have spent together, they have taught me their own sports they love and indulge in. Taapsee is great at squash and Saiyami at badminton. So it’s been a pleasure to learn from them”.

    As they continue to support and inspire each other both on and off the screen, Pavail, Taapsee, and Saiyami’s unique friendship stands as a testament to the power of shared interests and mutual respect in the industry.

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