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    Zack Snyder talks about his hopes from the two-part saga and his plans for the future of the Rebellion

    Netflix’s Rebel Moon directed by Zack Snyder unfolds a cosmic saga rooted in a college idea that developed into a two-decade journey. From the audacious concept of ‘Dirty Dozen…in space,’ Snyder’s commitment to cinematic ambition is evident in every frame. ‘Rebel Moon’ is not just a film but an odyssey that mirrors the tenacity of its underdog heroes.

    The film expands beyond genre conventions, establishing itself as a science fantasy rooted in bespoke mythology. Snyder draws inspiration from Heavy Metal magazine’s rebellious spirit, pushing visual boundaries in a spectacle of imagination. Snyder’s role as cinematographer and writer ensures a distinct visual identity. Planets and moons become canvases for unique environments, enriching character journeys. Producers Deborah Snyder and Wesley Coller also highlight the project’s deep dedication.

    As ‘Rebel Moon’ begins, it’s the prologue to a two-part cosmic epic. Snyder aims for a profound character investment, laying the groundwork for an immersive narrative across cinematic chapters. Speaking on the same he said, “My hopes are that because we were able to do two films, that we’re able to really invest in the characters for the first film so that the audience gets to really understand why they’re fighting for the villagers of Veldt.”

    “This has always been one of those ideas that’s been kicking around the ether in some form as long as I’ve been working with Zack. It’s one of ways we do things over at Stone Quarry — we don’t have a thousand irons in the fire, we have a group of things we’re passionate about, and we believe every single one of them has a place and a time so we can make exactly the version of the film we want to make.” said Wesley Coller, the producer of the film.

    Rebel Moon, as the name suggests is a story about rebellion, an underdog narrative that brings the universe together to fight against evil.

    Watch Rebel Moon, a classic Zack Snyder space opera, exclusively on Netflix from 22nd December 2023

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