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    Mihir Desai : “Bollywood is such a fascinating place for people who don’t work in the industry that any story that comes out from there feels stranger in fiction”

    Nepotism ke mukhaute ke picche, akhar mein har outsider, insider banna chahta hai. Disney+ Hotstar and Dharmatic Entertainment unveil the trailer of their much awaited series, Showtime. The money, the business, the glamour, the relationships, the lifestyle, the inside scoop on all of Bollywood’s best-kept secrets, Showtime is releasing exclusively on 8th March on Disney+ Hotstar. Showtime is helmed by Emraan Hashmi, Mahima Makwana with Mouni Roy, Rajeev Khandelwal, Shriya Saran, Vishal Vashishtha, Neeraj Madhav, Vijay Raaz and Naseeruddin Shah in pivotal roles.

    Created by Sumit Roy, Showrunner and directed by Mihir Desai and Directed by Archit Kumar, the screenplay by Sumit Roy, Mithun Gangopadhyay and Lara Chandni while the dialogues are written by Jehan Handa and Karan Shrikant Sharma Hotstar.

    Bollywood is definitely much more than all the glamour and glitter that the audiences see on their screens. Showtime brings to the audiences the unexplored and the unseen side of Bollywood and films. Director Mihir Desai shares his inspiration behind the making of the series

    Talking about the same, director Mihir Desai said, “While Bollywood shimmers with all the glitz and glam, beneath the surface lies several stories more incredible than any script. Here, amidst the larger-than-life personas and the relentless pursuit of fame, you’ll find hidden struggles and the grit of everyday people pushing the boundaries of filmmaking. In Bollywood, truth is stranger than fiction – some of the stories I’ve witnessed, personally experienced even, are so outlandish they had to make their way into this crazy world of “Showtime”. Yes, egos clash, lines blur, and the pressure mounts, but through it all, there’s an undeniable madness in storytellers, producers and every single crew member that makes Bollywood one family. In “Showtime” we take this madness further and make it about the experiences of insiders and outsiders. What I found fascinating in the script was that being an outsider you often see the industry through rose-tinted glasses. But once you’re in, reality sets in. We tried to best portray this shift in perspective through our protagonists in “Showtime”. Through the making we’ve peppered the show with relevant topics like nepotism, regional cinema comparisons, and actor stereotyping, ensuring it resonates with a wider audience.”

    ~Showtime will be releasing on 8th March, 2024, only on Disney+ Hotstar ~

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