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    MAIN BHARAT HU, BHARAT HAI MUJHME” – A Musical Anthem for Democracy by Subhash Ghai and the Election Commission is pride of every Indian

    In a remarkable celebration of the spirit of democracy, the Election Commission of India proudly presents “MAIN BHARAT HU, BHARAT HAI MUJ ME,” a soul-stirring musical anthem produced by acclaimed filmmaker Subhash Ghai, released on Republic Day 2023.

    As India commemorates its Republic Day, this anthem, sung by 18 celebrity singers in Hindi and various regional languages, echoes the sentiments of unity and patriotism. The song encapsulates the essence of being an Indian voter, emphasizing the duty and right to vote for the nation, transcending barriers of status, class, religion, caste, place, language, and gender.

    The inspiring lyrics and composition of the song by Subhash Ghai, a legendary filmmaker who is known for his showmanship along with having great sensibilities for music and songs since decades has come up with a song that resonate with the core values of democracy. Each voter is urged to see themselves as architects of modern India, with a profound understanding of their role in shaping the nation’s destiny.

    Subhash Ghai talking about the pride of this song adds “Since its a national cause inspiring Indian voters to vote for the continuous betterment of our nation‘. It inspired me write n compose song immediately and every star and singer from various fields agreed and came together to sing in their languages which shows how we unite together as a nation“

    The video song, produced in collaboration with Whistling Woods International School of Music, Mumbai, showcases the diversity of India by featuring the song in multiple regional languages. This inclusive approach aims to reach every corner of the country, inspiring citizens to exercise their right to vote for the betterment of the nation.

    The Election Commission of India takes immense pride in presenting this anthem as a powerful medium to motivate and unite voters across the nation. It serves as a reminder that every individual has the responsibility to contribute to the democratic process and build a stronger, more inclusive India.

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