Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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    How many dance practices does Blackpink have?

    The past few days have been fantastic for BLACKPINK. Born Pink, the female group’s second studio album was released on Friday (Sept. 16), and a music video for the catchy song “Shut Down” was also included. The foursome, made up of Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé, then released the official dance practice video on Sunday to serve as a guide for the song’s choreography.

    The girls wear all-black clothing and appear in the same chrome-white garage as in the dancing practice video. The K-pop group is first accompanied by a number of gray-clad dancers who help them fill the space and do the moves in sync with the stars. After that, the dancers join the quartet for the dance’s final, ending positions.

    While the official video for “Shut Down” provided fans with a number of Easter eggs to dig into, the dance offers loyal BLINKs something new to master. Fans noticed that the “Shut Down” video was both a look back at BLACKPINK’s earlier phases since the group’s 2016 debut with “Whistle” and a fun game for keen viewers to figure out all the little details and links to the group’s earlier video releases as well as their solo and group discography when it was released early on Friday morning.

    The Born Pink World Tour is what the K-pop artists will perform next. The four-piece will begin making stops in October in South Korea, North America, Europe, and Australia while performing songs from Born Pink in addition to well-known tunes from their extensive discography.

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