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    Arjun Deswal highlights the significance of his co-stars in making Crushed a special experience for him

    Amazon miniTV – Amazon – Amazon’s free video streaming service released the third season of its highly acclaimed and loved teen romance series, Crushed. The series is a combination of heartwarming moments from love, high-school drama, and teenage hardships, to friendship and bond, and is being praised for its charming storyline and adorable characters. Delving deeper into the lives of young students, with a backdrop of Dehradun hills, the series takes a trip down memory lane bringing us back to our school and teenage life. Featuring Aadhya Anand, Naman Jain, Urvi Singh, and Arjun Deswal in pivotal roles, the series is created by Dice Media and directed by Mandar Kurundkar.

     Arjun Deswal recalled the moment when he first heard about the new season and said, “I was thrilled to witness how my character, Sahil explores love in this latest season and develops a connection with Tanya. It was exciting to see how their mushy love story unfolds with dramatic twists and turns. We always talked about our characters, their emotions, and idhar udhar ki baatein. We didn’t even realize, but we had already made our own world for these two characters, and after that, it was  easy to come and perform in front of the camera.”

    Adding to this, he further commented on his strong bond with the boy gang of the show, which made this season a lot more special for him. He also said, “Another highlight for me this season was that I got more screen time with my boys, Siddhant and Sachin. We have been great friends off set as well and working together on scenes as a trio brought immense joy. It was full of fun the entire time!”

    Crushed Season 3 is currently streaming exclusively on Amazon miniTV, available on Amazon’s shopping app, on Fire TV, and on Play Store.

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