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    Amazon miniTV to celebrate the special bond between siblings with its upcoming comedy-drama series ‘Mera Bhai’

    Produced by ‘The Screen Patti’, Mera Bhai will stream exclusively on Amazon miniTV for free from January 05

    Mumbai, January 03, 2024: Amazon miniTV, Amazon’s free video streaming service, is all set to bring viewers a heartwarming story of sibling love with its upcoming comedy-drama series, Mera Bhai. The streaming service today announced the series by unveiling its trailer, filled with a gamut of emotions. Exploring new dimensions of love and highlighting the power of a brotherly bond, it will take the audience on an emotionally charged journey, with two polar opposite brothers who find strength in each other. Starring Badri Chavan and Chinmay Chandraunshuh in the lead roles, the 5-episode series is produced by The Screen Patti and will stream exclusively from January 05 on Amazon miniTV for free.

    Mera Bhai chronicles the story of two brothers, Bittu and Sittu, capturing the dynamics of their relationship and their journey amid the daily hustles faced by their family. The trailer gives a sneak peek into their love-hate relationship, which evolves with each incident. Highlighting the unbreakable bond of siblings, the series depicts the free-spiritedness of the younger brother, Sittu, along with the simplicity and maturity of the elder brother, Bittu. As the brother-duo navigates life facing different challenges, they understand the depth of their bond and their value in each other’s life.

    Badri Chavan who plays the role of the responsible elder brother shared his thoughts about being a part of the show, he said, “Growing up, having a sibling is like a blessing. Mera Bhai explores the journey of two siblings as they tackle the ups and downs of life in a relatable manner. While they constantly make fun of each other, indulge in ribbing, fights, and disagreements, they are always there for each other when in need. Over the course of 5 episodes, the viewers will see the evolution of these two brothers as well as their bond with each other”

    Expressing his delight about being a part of the series, Chinmay Chandraunshuh shared, “Siblings are one’s biggest supporters and best friends, who love and tolerate each other at the same time. Mera Bhai is one such relatable story, which perfectly highlights how two polar opposite siblings bring balance to each other’s lives. I play the role of the younger brother, Sittu, in the series. He is carefree, outgoing, mischievous, and in the curiosity-filled stage of teenage, stark opposite from his mature and disciplined brother, Bittu. I hope that viewers will love the bond of Bittu and Sittu. It will surely make them reminisce about the golden days of living together with their siblings.”

    Mera Bhai will be available to stream exclusively on Amazon miniTV from 05th January for free. You can download the Amazon miniTV App on Playstore or watch it within the Amazon Shopping App or the Fire TV App.

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