Saturday, July 20, 2024

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    Akshay Kumar becomes the target of deepfake video

    A recent video of Akshay Kumar promoting a game app is a deepfake video generated using AI. The actor has never indulged in promotions of any such activity. The source of this video is being looked into and legal action is underway for misusing the actor’s identity for false advertising. A cyber complaint against the social media handle and the company has been filed for creating and promoting this fake video.

    Sources close to the actor have said that he is deeply upset at having his identity misused and has instructed his team to deal with this matter using all legal remedies available.

    After the recent case of actress Rashmika Mandanna falling prey to Deepfake videos, many other cases have come to light. As per the IT rules in India, using AI to create a deep fake video carries a fine as well as a jail sentence.

    We hope the matter gets resolved swiftly with the help of concerned authorities for Akshay Kumar.

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