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    Will bars be able to entertain customers after they reopen?

    Customers have been let back into the city’s bars and restaurants, but no in-house or guest DJs have been called in as of yet. Several places’ management has stated that there would be no loud music or entertainment since they encourage people to scream, shout, or dance, which spreads the coronavirus. According to DJs, soft music will continue to be played in the venues, but they have not been called back to work.

    ‘Despite the fact that it is now unlawful to open dance floors, bar and club owners may want to consider aiding DJs by enabling them to handle the music,’ DJ Faith said. ‘Parties with DJs have begun to be organized by clubs and pubs in Bengaluru, Kolkata, and Delhi,’ he continues.


    It would take longer for recommendations to change in Maharashtra due to a large number of Covid cases. December is a busy month for parties, but I believe the safety precautions will be in place by November.”

    ‘Everyone should be upbeat about this because all of our favorite bars and clubs are open, and the entertainment will continue as soon as possible.’ All we have to do now is wait. DJ Dustin stated, “I’ve heard a number of places have had total revamps, so that’s amazing.”

    On the other hand, bars are simply trying to stay afloat. ‘ We’ll start thinking about entertainment after a month of regular operations. The National Restaurant Association anticipated that the restaurant industry would produce $899 billion in sales in 2020 before coronavirus quarantines swept the country.

    The bulk of firms, on the other hand, rely on consistent cash flow to keep their doors open and their people employed. Since the widespread lockdowns began in March, more than 8 million restaurant employees have lost their jobs or been furloughed, according to a study of 6,500 businesses undertaken by the group.

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