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    Review film Bachchan Pandey, A dreaded avtar of Akshay Kumar

    Iqbal Parwez

    Akshay Kumar’s film Bachchan Pandey is  released this Friday. This film is directed by Farhad Samji. Bachchan Pande is a remake of the Tamil film Jigarthanda released in 2014. By the way, Jigarthanda was also inspired by the 2006 released South Korean film A Dirty Carnival.

    Talking about the story of the film Bachchan Pandey, Kriti Sanon is an assistant-director who wants to make a film. To make the film, he has chosen the subject of gangster, Bachchan Pandey’s story about that gangster influences her. Kriti sets out to research on Bachchan Pandey to make a film and meets Arshad Warsi, a struggling actor. Arshad and Kriti reach Bachchan Pandey through Bachchan Pandey’s henchmen to make the film and then the film is made. Now what is the film and what kind of problems are there in making it, for this you watch the film.

    Talking about the goodness of the film, it is a complete Bollywood masala film with a tinge of action, drama and comedy. Akshay Kumar’s Bachchan Pandey style is utterly dreadful who spreads fear to keep the frenzy. Akshay’s look is very dangerous and he has one eye of stone. There is a dialogue in the film which says that Bachchan Pandey ki aankh aur dil patthar ke hain. 

    Akshay has done many negative roles in the past but he has never been seen before in such a dangerous look. Kriti Sanon, Arshad Warsi, Sanjay Mishra, Pankaj Tripathi have done justice to their characters.

    Along with the action in Bachchan Pandey, film has managed to laugh at many places. Farhad Samji’s direction is good. The cinematography is good, capturing all kinds of scenes well on camera, good editing. The background music is also good, especially when Bachchan Pandey comes on screen.

    Talking about the weakness of the film, first of all, its story has nothing to offer new and there is nothing in the story which has novelty. The film seems to be dragging at many places and there are long scenes. For example, in the first part of the film, there is a lot of action in the process of making a noise which seems to be lengthy. The process of making the film in the second part also seems to be very long. The music is very ordinary. There is one song that sounds a little right, but after leaving the theatre, you can’t remember it.

    But in spite of all this, Bachchan Pandey entertains and Akshay’s performance looks good on screen, so my rating for this film is 3 stars.

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