Tuesday, February 27, 2024

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    Rabina Thapa First Filmmaker to make make film on Poonam Pandey Death Awareness

    Poonam Pandey creating fake death hoax to create awareness against cervical cancer not only raise eye brows in the Bollywood fraternity but also among common people as it create mockery of the disease and raise question about media publications .

    Rabina Thapa who is a writer and social worker would be the first filmmaker in India to make the film on death awareness ,Rabina with his friend Sandeep Pal had earlier announced film on Deep Fake Video.In today’s time women film producers and director are winning Oscars which is really applauding.

    It’s very important to make film on issue which do raise concern about the happening scenario in the society which makes everyone aware about the dark and hard side of the society.

    Rabina effort to highlight the issue of fake news shall definitely be an eye opener to the people who easily believe in what is being written or shown but hardly have any truth substance in it.

    Latest Posts

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