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    King Of Romance Shahrukh Fulfilling Fan’s Last Wish Wins Heart

    King Of Romance Shahrukh Khan has not only won millions hearts with his romantic act but as a good human selflessly comes in support of needy.
    In a recent incident Shahrukh Khan shown his humanity gesture towards a 60 year old cancer patient Shivani who considered Shah Rukh Khan no lesser than a godly figure to him , Shah Rukh who is considered one of the busiest individuals in film industry ,took his valuable time to personally call Shivani and spoke with her for nearly 30 minutes.

    This kind of act is not first of its kind from Shahrukh ,earlier too Shahrukh Khan not just proved his greatness not just as an actor but as a human being as well.
    Shahrukh Khan had helped out her staff Anjali who was a victim of hit and run case,he also had provided rations to 5500 families during the difficult times of Covid-19,he also had provided with injections to patients,he also adopted 12 villages in Orissa,he also provided financial assistance to the Uttarakhand flood victims in 2013.

    Shah Rukh Khan is a family person who has proved his worth as a father and a husband as well.

    Shah Rukh Khan believes that in order to be a good actor firstly you need to be good human being.

    Shah Rukh Khan

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