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    Jacqueline Fernandez: What She Does When She Is Not Shooting?

    The Sri Lankan beauty, Jacqueline Fernandez is one of the most loved actresses in the industry. She is quite active on social media and is followed by millions. The actress is having her hands full with multiple projects on hand.  Jacqueline is having some very interesting films to keep her busy.

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    However, her fans have been curious to know what she does when she’s not shooting?  Recently, Jacqueline shared how she keeps herself occupied when she is not working. The actress said that she likes to keep herself active and instead of relaxing, she uses that time to better herself as an artist.

    Additionally, Jacqueline said, “When I hit the pause button, like when I am not shooting for a film then probably I am training. An ideal day off for me is when I am doing my workshops.”

    Furthermore, the actress added, “I utilize this time to learn a new dance form or do my workout or yoga session. In short, I do anything that can help me better myself as an actor.”

    Meanwhile, for rejuvenation, Jacqueline turns to her hobbies. She shared, “I like watching movies and reading books.”

    Apart from the above, Jacqueline Fernandez also disclosed that these days she enjoys spending time on a musical instrument. “So, I learn pieces on my piano. These are the things that keep me actively creative and at the same time they are also very relaxing,” Jacqueline revealed.

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