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    Here’s How the Marketing Team of T-Series Unleashed the Beast! A Triumph for ‘Animal!

    T-Series internal marketing team orchestrated a triumphant marketing strategy for the Bollywood blockbuster ‘Animal,’ turning it into a cinematic sensation. The campaign commenced with an audio teaser, unveiling a star-studded cast which built the initial intrigue. Fast forward to 2022 is when the team unveiled the powerful first look poster of Ranbir Kapoor on New Year’s Eve. After this there was no stopping!

    For the first time ever, the audiences witnessed a ‘Pre-Teaser’ of a film which left the nation stunned. The team then released teaser of the film followed by the blockbuster song ‘Satranga’ and then we saw a once in a lifetime moment. Ranbir Kapoor’s surprise visit on Arijit Singh’s concert while he sang the song was truly a moment to remember. Furthermore, utilizing cricket fervour, a special collaboration of Ranbir Kapoor during a World Cup match garnered attention, seamlessly integrating ‘Animal’ into the sports spectacle.

    Well, the team didn’t just stop there, the special cut of the film’s teaser featured on the Burj Khalifa, followed by a visit to Dubai’s Global Village with the resounding beats of Arjan Vailly amongst 40k crowd, adding a global dimension.

    Domestically, exclusive previews of the trailer for the Mumbai press was followed by a grand trailer launch in Delhi generated industry buzz. A strategic album launch with Spotify and a three-city tour in the South, culminating in a pre-release event in Hyderabad with regional stars, tapped into diverse markets. Producer Bhushan Kumar acknowledges the exceptional dedication of the in-house marketing, led by Shivam Chanana, Rahul Dubey, and Mita Choudhary, for successfully executing a series of consecutive events to reach to the global audience.

    Collaborating with major media houses, a half-hour segment provided deeper insights, while late-night and early morning shows in Mumbai accommodated diverse schedules. Responding to demand, Bobby Deol’s entry song premiered on YouTube, maximizing online engagement.

    Continuing the connection post-release, T-Series made the theme song and Ranbir Kapoor’s entry song available, solidifying ‘Animal’ as a marketing triumph in Bollywood.

    Commenting on the campaign, producer Bhushan Kumar said, “The marketing and promotional strategy of ‘Animal’ was meticulously planned and executed. We treated the film not just like a film, but an event and are happy that it has registered in the far corners of the country.”

    Applauding the marketing efforts of the team, Sandeep Reddy Vanga said, “The immense happiness expressed by the entire team and I confirms the invaluable contribution and impact that the marketing and promotional campaign made on the overall success of ‘Animal.’ It’s a resounding success for the team.”

    Echoing this sentiment, Pranay Reddy Vanga said, “The dedication and expertise of the ‘Animal’ marketing team have undoubtedly set a high standard for future marketing and promotion endeavors in entertainment.”

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