Thursday, April 18, 2024

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    Fashion Influencer ,Producer Sunny Agarwal To Be Seen Ek Din Tera Ek Din Mera

    Talent is something which gives you name,fame ,respect,wealth,rewards,awards and everything positive in life.There are very few individuals in this world who are multi talented,one being Sunny Agarwal who not only has proved his worth as an fashion influencer but also a talk show host ,producer and actor and social worker.

    Not only that Sunny Agarwal is avid LBQT supporter who always talks about their rights and well being.
    Sunny Agarwal would be seen in web series namely Ek Din Tera Ek Din Mera under banner SMD production with director Dev Madan and producer Madhu Madan.

    Sunny Agarwal may not be a nepotism kid so he do have lot struggles in life but his hard work and sincerity is what makes him special.

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